Thursday, November 11, 2010

As you know, today is Veterans Day,
If you do not, today is the day we give praise.
Today is the day we say our thanks and prayers,
For all those people who have served for many years.
As early as some can remember,
There were people, who served as a member,
In the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines,
We can see them protecting us in many picture scenes.
We have participated in many a war,
Our country’s life has not been a bore.
From the American Revolution that ended in 1782,
To the war that covered all corners of the world which was World War II.
Then there was the Korean War,
Is it really the forgotten War?
The Vietnam War was the longest the United States had fought,
It was also the only one the United States has ever lost.
Then there was Desert Storm in 1990,
Which was the last war of the 20th century.
This is the earliest war that I can remember,
But I will never forget all of the serving military members.
This leads us to what happened on September 11th,
All those people who are now in heaven.
Watching the Twin Towers crumble to the ground,
All I could do was cry and frown.
Operation Enduring Freedom came to us on this day,
Now we are participating in the Iraqi Freedom still today.
With all the wars the United States has been through,
We need to remember all of those service people who,
Have given up their time and their lives,
For one simple prize.
Our freedom is important to all of us here,
We need NOT forget this any time of the year.
But on this day we really need to remember,
This being the 11th day of November.
This is the day we give our thanks and praise,
To all those people who have served for many days.
Through the years, we have lost many family and friends,
Will the wars ever really end?
On all of our money whether new or covered with rust,
We can all read “IN GOD WE TRUST.”
We need to remember these four simple words,
These words are why many have served.
So on this day,
Do not forget to say,
Thank you to those who have served,
They seldom lost their nerve.
Uncle Sam always said, “I want You,”
I add to this just say THANK YOU!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer 2010

Well here we are again on vacation and I am posting once more. I have been told that I need to post more often, but where is the time??? So here are some pictures - please enjoy!
Started with a Carrie Underwood concert. Then we had Rhoade School house for Sabrina.
Then came the next several weeks of family issues that I could not wait to be on vacation, or is a mom really on vacation??? Oh but Sabrina's Birthday for the grandparents happened on the last week of school.
So here we are on Saturday after we arrived into Carpinteria, CA. We had some of Rusty's family over for dinner, the husband is a cook, so him and I work well in the kitchen together and the spouces clean up well. So we went swimming in the ocean and then the pool. Then we had a great dinner. We visited for a while and then it was just us.

We then went horse back riding on Monday. We went to a new location this year and it was a great time.

We spent some time on the beach on Tuesday, even though it was cold and foggy. We even got to see some Dolphins swimming just off the shore. Family came over to celebrate Sabrina's B-day, so we had fun.

Today we are just lounging around, Breanna is not feeling well. We might head into Santa Barbara a little later for some sunshine.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here we are almost a year from the last time I posted onto the blog, and I have heard about it many times. I look at it as where has the year gone??

The Brown family has been very busy. The rest of our summer from last year, 2009, was spending getting Justin ready to go on him mission to Montana. What an experience. He is still there and doing well from what we hear. Elder brown is now past his 6th month mark and getting used to the cold weather.

Breanna is loves being at Arden Middle School It does have its regular drama, but she still comes home every day with a smile on her face. She has made lots of new friends. She has been having problems with her knees, but with no running, jumping, skipping, hopping or just being a kid will help heal the knees. She has now gone back to horse riding; she had to take 6 weeks off. That was very hard on her.

Sabrina is now at a new school called Del Dayo. She is fitting in quite well. We just had to move her out of the environment at the school she was in. She already knew a lot of kids at Del Dayo so the transition went well. This picture is her during the first week she was there and the class had been working on a woman in history report for many weeks. Sabina wanted to participate, so I let her.

Rusty and I are doing well. He is fallin ginto place being in the Bishoric at church. I and still going to school adn carrying 8 units this semester.

Than you all for all of your support and we love you all.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rest of the Vacation

Well here is the rest of the vacation.

Thursday, we did not do much because Rusty's phone took a swim at Magic Mountin so we had to try to get it fixed. For now it is working.

Friday we drove to Ranco Oso, a horse stable that we always go to, to have a ride. Breanna was excited because she has been taking riding lessons for the last 6 months, so she wanted to show off her skills. We arrived very early, but that was good.

Then we headed for the beach one more time before we headed home on Saturday. We actually had some sun late Friday afternoon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thought you all might like to see some vacation pictures.

The girls playing on the beach.

We went to the Natural History Museum on Tuesday. We went to see the Butterfly Exhibit.

It was real cool with all the Butterflies flying around us.

We even had a guide to show us what all the Butterflies were.

Then on Wednesday, it was off to Magic Mountain.

We did not open the park this year, but we could never top that from last year.

Justin was with us as of late on Tuesday. So it was fun for him to be able to go to Magic Mountain with us.

This ride is one of the girls favorite, it is the "Gold Rusher."

We had to have rode on all the water based rides from the moment we walked in the park. This one was the "Jet Stream."

Wonderwomen was always Rusty's girlfriend when he was growing up, so it was fun for him to get a picture with the character of her.

The girls have grown out of the Kiddy area and it was hard to find some in-between rides for them to be brave enough to go on. But once they tried them, they had fun on them.

The day was fun and we still have a couple of more days to go.

Stay tooned.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well here we are the start of June and school is just about out for the girls. Wow where did the school year go?

Breanna has been doing some camping with Rusty and enjoying it. She tried to do some backpack camping and found out how hard it is. Then the following weekend she got to go car camping and she enjoyed that better. I do not know if it was because she got to also go 4 wheeling or what it was.

While they were camping, Sabrina and I had relaxing weekends. The first one was when she got sick, so that was a bummer. But this last weekend was fun. Swimming at friends houses and going to Birthday parties. We also just got to cuddle on the couch and watch movies.

School is over for me and I was glad that came around, one less thing for me to have to worry about. I pulled a “B” in my Algebra class. I was very happy. Next semester, I think I will take an English class.

We are heading to Santa Barbara this summer again. Go and visit with family and spend plenty of time on the beach. I hope it warms up though! It would be nice if the June gloom would not be there for once.

Well, we hope you all have a great summer. I will try better to update our blog more then this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, here we are already in February. Wow where did January go! We are also almost done with the 2nd Trimester for Elementary school. That just means that Breanna is getting closer to going to Junior High and Sabrina will be in 3rd grade next year. Breanna is doing great in school, she has her struggles, but she is learning to work with them and around them. Sabrina got moved into another teacher’s classroom this last week. I have not seen her happier then this last week. I am still working doing lunch duty for the school, so I am there every day for 2 ½ hours and then I volunteer after that.

Oh and by the way, I did not mention that I have gone back to College. I am only taking 1 class for right now. It is an Algebra class that is 4 days a week for about 2 hours. I am getting my miles in both driving to and from all the schools and walking back and forth from class. I do not know what I am going to do and what I am going to major in just yet, I am just getting my general education out of the way.

Rusty is doing well with Intel. Things are rocky, but we are hopeful that all will work out.

Justin is currently looking for a job and considering on going on his mission sometime this summer.

Well, I hope that even though February is short, it does not fly by so fast as January did.