Thursday, November 11, 2010

As you know, today is Veterans Day,
If you do not, today is the day we give praise.
Today is the day we say our thanks and prayers,
For all those people who have served for many years.
As early as some can remember,
There were people, who served as a member,
In the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines,
We can see them protecting us in many picture scenes.
We have participated in many a war,
Our country’s life has not been a bore.
From the American Revolution that ended in 1782,
To the war that covered all corners of the world which was World War II.
Then there was the Korean War,
Is it really the forgotten War?
The Vietnam War was the longest the United States had fought,
It was also the only one the United States has ever lost.
Then there was Desert Storm in 1990,
Which was the last war of the 20th century.
This is the earliest war that I can remember,
But I will never forget all of the serving military members.
This leads us to what happened on September 11th,
All those people who are now in heaven.
Watching the Twin Towers crumble to the ground,
All I could do was cry and frown.
Operation Enduring Freedom came to us on this day,
Now we are participating in the Iraqi Freedom still today.
With all the wars the United States has been through,
We need to remember all of those service people who,
Have given up their time and their lives,
For one simple prize.
Our freedom is important to all of us here,
We need NOT forget this any time of the year.
But on this day we really need to remember,
This being the 11th day of November.
This is the day we give our thanks and praise,
To all those people who have served for many days.
Through the years, we have lost many family and friends,
Will the wars ever really end?
On all of our money whether new or covered with rust,
We can all read “IN GOD WE TRUST.”
We need to remember these four simple words,
These words are why many have served.
So on this day,
Do not forget to say,
Thank you to those who have served,
They seldom lost their nerve.
Uncle Sam always said, “I want You,”
I add to this just say THANK YOU!

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